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There was no trace of the fog now. The sky became bluer and bluer,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and now there were white clouds hurrying across it from time to time. In the wide glades there were primroses. A light breeze sprang up which scattered drops of moisture from the swaying branches and carried cool,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] delicious scents against the faces of the travellers. The trees began to come fully alive. The larches and birches were covered with green,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] the laburnums with gold. Soon the beech trees had put forth their delicate,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] transparent leaves. As the travellers walked under them the light also became green. A bee buzzed across their path.It wasn't nearly such a nice cave as Mr Tumnus's,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] Lucy thought-just a hole in the ground but dry and earthy. It was very small so that when they all lay down they were all a bundle of clothes together,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and what with that and being warmed up by their long walk they were really rather snug. If only the floor of the cave had been a little smoother! Then Mrs Beaver handed round in the dark a little flask out of which everyone drank something-it made one cough and splutter a little and stung the throat,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] but it also made you feel deliciously warm after you'd swallowed it and everyone went straight to sleep.Next moment she found that what was rubbing against her face and hands was no longer soft fur but something hard and rough and even prickly. "Why,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] it is just like branches of trees!" exclaimed Lucy. And then she saw that there was a light ahead of her; not a few inches away where the back of the wardrobe ought to have been,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] but a long way off. Something cold and soft was falling on her. A moment later she found that she was standing in the middle of a wood at night-time with snow under her feet and snowflakes falling through the air."And what,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] pray,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] are you?" said the Lady,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] looking hard at Edmund."But you will be there yourself,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] Aslan.""I-I wonder if there's any point in going on,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] " said Susan. "I mean,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] it doesn't seem particularly safe here and it looks as if it won't be much fun either. And it's getting colder every minute,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and we've brought nothing to eat. What about just going home?"Meanwhile the girls were helping Mrs Beaver to fill the kettle and lay the table and cut the bread and put the plates in the oven to heat and draw a huge jug of beer for Mr Beaver from a barrel which stood in one corner of the house,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and to put on the frying-pan and get the dripping hot. Lucy thought the Beavers had a very snug little home though it was not at all like Mr Tumnus's cave. There were no books or pictures,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and instead of beds there were bunks,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] like on board ship,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] built into the wall. And there were hams and strings of onions hanging from the roof,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and against the walls were gum boots and oilskins and hatchets and pairs of shears and spades and trowels and things for carrying mortar in and fishing-rods and fishing-nets and sacks. And the cloth on the table,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] though very clean,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] was very rough.Above the dam there was what ought to have been a deep pool but was now,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] of course,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] a level floor of dark green ice. And below the dam,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] much lower down,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] was more ice,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] but instead of being smooth this was all frozen into the foamy and wavy shapes in which the water had been rushing along at the very moment when the frost came. And where the water had been trickling over and spurting through the dam there was now a glittering wall of icicles,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] as if the side of the dam had been covered all over with flowers and wreaths and festoons of the purest sugar. And out in the middle,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and partly on top of the dam was a funny little house shaped rather like an enormous beehive and from a hole in the roof smoke was going up,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] so that when you saw it {especially if you were hungry) you at once thought of cooking and became hungrier than you were before."What do you mean,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] Mr Beaver?" panted Peter as they all scrambled up the steep bank of the valley together."Come and take it then,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] " said the Bull with the man's head in a great bellowing voice."Of course,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] " said Aslan. "And now! Those who can't keep up-that is,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] children,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] dwarfs,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] and small animals-must ride on the backs of those who can-that is,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] lions,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] centaurs,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] unicorns,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] horses,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] giants and eagles. Those who are good with their noses must come in front with us lions to smell out where the battle is. Look lively and sort yourselves.""No,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] we don't,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] " said Susan. Mr Beaver shook his head in a very gloomy fashion."Now that you mention it,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] it is cold,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] " said Peter,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] "and hang it all,#file_links["C:\555\ankor_key.txt",1,N] it's wet too. What's the matter with this place? I'm sitting on something wet. It's getting wetter every minute." He struggled to his feet.
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